Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First farewell dinner for Nicklas

Joo Ngan treated us to a farewell dinner for Nicklas last night. Joo Ngan will be going away on National coaching duty soon for a few months, so he decided to give Nicklas an early farewell dinner.

Nicklas is with the Swedish Embassy and has been here close to three years. He has a lovely wife and two sons born here. We will all definitely miss him. He is a genuine nice guy, willing to engage in any conversation you bring to him. Last night he had nasi briyani kaki (leg) kambing (lamb) and finished it completely without putting on weight. He has been to my apartment poolside, we have been to his Open House in december , cheered him during the Sepang Cycling Race etc.

I have travelled to Sweden by cheap student train during my teenage days. We were all warmly treated by all Swedes. I think they are the country that has not gone to war for the longest in the world.

Nicklas, enjoy the pictures, we will definitely miss you and all the very best;

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