Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 4 on the road to busselton

Day 22 (seven hills)

The last time I did this ride was on 25 May 2008.

Then the stats was 8 hr 20 mins ride time, 163km, 19.5 km/hr average and back home at 4 pm.
Now its 8 hrs 40 min, 164km, 18.8km/hr average and back home at 4.20 pm. This average speed is the lowest average speed I have ever recorded.

But I am not worried at all, actually I am quite pleased because:
1. I experimented and only had raisins (instead of nasi campur) at the Kuala Kelawang Petronas (got by on raisins - thank you Fadzil Shamsuddin(CK) for the tip and five power gels, yahoo).
2. I went for the double hill run the following day (normally I would have had an off day).
What really helped was the bike trainer I did on Wed, Thurs and Friday. That really got rid of my normal thigh pain. I hope to do the bike trainer regularly.
The 7 hills are:- Ampang Hill (from Ampang), Tekala Hill (from Pekan Batu 14), Lenggeng, Bukit Tangga, Peres (from Titi), Tekala Hill (from the dam side) and finish with the Ampang Hill (from Pekan Batu 14).

The roadworks in front of the University and between Broga and Ulu Beranang are now done. But new roadworks between Beranang and Lenggeng (not as bad as before).
It was raining absolutely cats and dogs from the top of Lenggeng Hill to almost KK town. I just missed a car as I struggled up Bukit Tangga in the heavy rain. Otherwise all OK.
Day 23. Double hill run in 1 hr 19 mins. The last time I did double hill was in Dec and the time was 1 hr 9 mins. Again I am not worried (I think), the thigh pain was not there but I am still slow.

The Mizuno Run was going on.

The runners were tearing down the double hill as I struggled up. It gave me a sense of nostalgia to my pur running days between 1984 and 1989 (when I discovered Triathlon). The camaradarie amongst the runners was absolutely amazing. We didn't leave anyone behind, would always go for our breakfast at Imbi market, would always cheer any runner we meet (well almost).

In front was actually a veteran. The front runners were strung out. I thought Simon was about in 5th place. There was Iwata, Cecil, Don Khor (utter concentration on their faces), Sharom (Awea), Sam Pritchard, EMMA TTH (race report already done), many people were calling me (it was fun but I was too tired to figure out who they were), Yusran (smiling always), Ihsal, Dicky, Abu Power, Saiful Kodi Power, Pipot, (I think a few had taken the ramadhan off), John Tan (good to see he has recovered from the bike fall), Azmar (good to see he has also recovered from his bike fall), a few people seem to be coming back from Sri Hartamas, Dr Tan (1 hr 30 min), Lee Chee Wee Hoe (1 hr 20 min), CK (1 hr 8 min), .........................................I think you get the message, simply everyone was there.


This must be the best Open House I have ever been to. It was held at Istana Hotel and it was proper hotel food with proper seats. Since the host is our friend , AJ, I stayed from 11.30 am till about 2 pm. Also present was our Chief (Fadzil), Ihsal and partner, Yusran and Hazura, Kam Kasturie, Patsy Yap, Nizar and wife, Bola-bola Api Aini (she works with Malakoff), Chomel, Jason. Everybody else was not an athlete.

Day 24 (Monday). 45 mins on the trainer before work

Day 25. 30 mins on trainer before work

Day 26. 30 mins on trainer before work. 2.5km swim with paddles after work at PADE.

Day 27 (Thursday). 30 mins on trainer before work

Day 28. 42 mins on trainer before work

(I don't do much training during the week)


Dancing Ciken said...

jom broga :D

kaki dah ok? dah boleh lari semula? check yr email

sofiantriathlete said...

The plan is:
Sat-work, light jog at office, maybe swim PDAE afternoon
Sun- Broga dari rumah alone
Mon - run at least double hill