Friday, April 23, 2010

Playing host to friendly TBB Pro - Jocelyn Wong

P.S. I am overwhelmed. Jocelyn has written us the most wonderful thank you, which I acknowledge is the loveliest THANK YOU I have ever received in my life. What a wonderful world this is, when someone really appreciates what you have done.

I was very impressed by TBB Pro Jocelyn Wong at IM China. She always smiled or had something nice to say everytime we met, even when she was throwing up over her handle bars. She of course took care of exhausted Morten for a good 20 mins., helped a female IM (Kana) with a puncture etc. I thought that was that. Never to see her again as is normally the case.

But the internet world works in mysterious ways. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but she accepted my invitation to be our guest in Kuala Lumpur from 20 to 21 Apr. It was her stopover from Krabi (she had finished her training camp) on her way home to San Francisco. Actually she was our guest right from Krabi airport.

I have since realised that she is much loved by the whole world. When she missed her flight from KL, the whole world was giving her messages. For her good deeds at IM China, our own Paul Lee had given his support on the TBB Forum. When for an unknown reason, she received an unkind remark on the TBB Forum, the whole TBB Team rallied to support her, even our own "emabish" waded in telling the anonymous offender "Just WHO do YOU think you are Cos we all know you are NOT our Wongstar". Ha ha, wow.

A bit of advice to all the husbands out there. Before everyone starts inviting Chrissie Wellington over, you do need to give a very very convincing story to your missus as to why you are inviting a female triathlete over. I had my tense 24 hour silent stand off with the missus (our most serious tiff ever), but as you can see from the pics, we sorted it out and have moved on to a higher new level. Heh heh.

A very lucky fellow

Dinner was at Chilis (don't know any other place)
My wife picked Jocelyn up from the airport alone

We put her up at KLCC Impiana

You can have any book from Kinokuniya. She choose the "Art of War" as it was read by Chrissie Wellington

These two know their foods very very well. The recipes for my energy bars have been provided by the person in blue

At Emma's Pool (thank you)

My wife's cup cakes have made many many friends

They were the best of buddies right from the off

Where we said goodbye. Alas she was allowed through the wrong gate and missed her flight

Jocelyn, it was our pleasure to host you. You are welcome here anytime. All the best for IM St George on 1 May 2010.


K3vski said...

Wah very cool. And yes, she is a very nice person. I was standing behind her while lining up for the registration at Langkawi. Very friendly and bubbly.

Sofian, I've signed up for IMWA. Places are snapping up fast, and I decided not to risk missing out by waiting until nearer to the closing date.

So no more turning back, see you there! If not earlier ;)

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes Kevin she is very friendly and bubbly. I never saw her at all at Langkawi.

Yes I know IMWA places are going very fast. I registered yesterday. Why is the IMWA web-site so lousy? Its worrying.
See you.

Robyn said...

Must come and try Tip's cupcakes, they sound wonderful! The Wongster is a lucky girl.

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Robyn,
I have to figure out how to get the cup cakes to you.......