Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Perth 4 hours 18 mins

Our Motel, it was brilliant
We had to hang outside before check in
It was freezing for us brown folks

Went sightseeing at King's Park the next day
Marathon runners have to run up King's Park twice
Trying to impress the missus on race morning (it didn't work). SKINS baby (purchased at the EXPO)
ROCK TAPED the feet
Finally met Mohan the Great. He finished his 102nd Marathon in 5 hours flat and is going to China the following weekend. (Before the race start, 6.30 a.m.)

The finish was a let down. The few Marathon runners finished with the masses of other runners. No throngs of photographers like we have in KL. 4 hrs 18 minutes baby
Tip went straight to the Medical tent after her 12 km. She only started at 10 a.m., it was so hot. The medical people, indeed all of Australia were very nice.
Tip wore her thermals (still groggy after the race)

40,000 participants

Steve, the brilliant chap from ROCK TAPE. They were very nice to us.
My buddy of more than 20 years. GUY TAYLOR. He did the 12 km
Husband and wife safely completed their respective events


K3vski said...

Excellent timing, Sofian! Looking sexy in the black skins, like Catherine Zeta Jones in the movie Entrapment hahhah.

Yeah, after doing City to Surf a few times, the chaos and the crowd has turned me off already. You can try the Perth Marathon next time, organized by WA Marathon Club in late June, early July. More pleasant :)

tryathlete said...

Well done Sofian! Excellent timing. And you're looking good too!

sofiantriathlete said...

Gosh I look like Catherine Zeta Jones. I like her too. I can understand why u don't do the race. I never saw the sea. Its a charity event not a Marathon. T shirt sucks. Perth Marathon date seems close to Gold Coast.

The biggest surprise was to hear Li-Ann call my name amongst the thousands.

Thank you Kevin

sofiantriathlete said...

thanks Ariff

plee said...

hahaha! Was going to say you look like an Ninja1 But Cathy Zeta Jones much sexier! Well Done to you and Tip! loooking great

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks Paul Lee. The SKINS feels good

Dancing Ciken said...

wah macam ultraman tarooo!

well done sofian & tip

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Jaja and CK

Simon said...

I arrived back in KL this morning, in the office now ugggg! Just wanted to say well done and what and amazing fantastical time - you must be stoked. You certainly should be, well done again buddy. AWESOME.

sofiantriathlete said...

Welcome back Simon. You have been away more than one month.

As usual your words gets me stoked and leave me speechless.

See you at Bukit Aman this weekend I presume.

All the best for everything.