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Port Dickson OD Race Report 24 July 2011

With more than 1,400 participants, the Port Dickson International Triathlon 2011, was the biggest Triathlon ever on Malaysian soil. The Qatar Asian Games silver medalist (Lee Chi Wo) took part and of course won. The men’s champion for the past two years (Assad Attamimi) had to settle for second overall.
It’s the 23rd year straight that PD was having a Triathlon, must be a record of some sorts. Much of the bike and run route replicated that first year in 1989. The swim was one km away, previously at the PD Yatch Club, now at the Admiral Cove Marina.
It was “the best organized event” said Richard Tang (10 hours 50 minutes at Ironman Korea on 3 July 2011). I didn’t hear of any complaints with regards to the “Olympic Distance” race on Sunday and I didn’t see any crashes.
The swim though was a bit short by about 150m and the run was short by about 1.5km. Additionally, the bike turnaround for the Sprint on Saturday was not properly done resulting in many cyclists missing the turnaround. The shortcomings though were miniscule.
To have more than a thousand swimmers on the beach and again cycling on the road to Rantau, without a major untoward incident is indeed a huge accomplishment by any organizer. Well done to Chan Chee Seng and his team for giving us another wonderful Triathlon.

Saturday morning was when they had the Sprint Distance (750m, 20km, 5km) and the Kids Triathlons. Race registration was in the afternoon, dinner was from 6 p.m. to 8pm. Race Director’s briefing (the funniest in the world) then ensued.

The last Triathlon I did was Kenyir (10 April 2011), then it was actually just runs (Laguna Phuket Marathon, KL Half Marathon and the Gold Coast Marathon). The two weeks before P.D., I brushed up on my swimming and cycling and “forgot about running” which was sort of a mistake. Swimming was done in my small apartment’s pool and all my cycling was done at home on the trainer in front of the TV.

I stupidly underestimated the time needed to prepare oneself before the gun went off. When we go for a Marathon, the only thing to do once we get to the race start is essentially just to be merry and take photos with friends.
For a Triathlon, it felt like there were a million and one things to do and before I knew it, I was panicking. The goggles and swim cap had to be cleaned and worn, the bicycle and run stuff had to be properly laid out in such a confined place, vaseline and sunscreen had to be applied etc. I realized I had forgotten my sunglasses and I still hadn’t done my body marking.
I was in such a lousy state, ignored all greetings by friends whom I had not seen in a long time and even snapped away at a dear friend whom I had never raised my voice at for the past twenty years.

The swim was actually very easy. The first few hundred meters was very clear until we caught up with the earlier wave. Still it was OK, we just swam on the outside. There were only three turns and before I knew it, we had returned to the beach. Thus it was a short swim course.
I was still stressed though and in my haste slipped on the small wooden bridge just before the showers. That fall woke me up from my sleep.
I could hear the MC (Raslan) calling out the names of my usual rivals.
26 min 45 secs was my official swim split, the second fastest in my category.

Since it was a “draft legal” race, I knew it was absolutely pointless to put the hammer down. I just waited for anyone to come along and if the cyclist was too fast, I didn’t bother to follow. Soon though I was in a humongous group and that group stayed together right until the 20km turnaround.
I got left behind at the turnaround and spent the remaining 20 km trying to catch whoever was in front of me. I didn’t mind since it was good Ironman training I rationalized.
Again I was so unfriendly, hardly returning the greetings of my closest buddies.
1 hour 10 min was my official bike split whilst slow compared to the others, it was very good for me. For the first time ever, Kona Carmen had not caught me on the bike (though she did catch me on the run).

The run felt so difficult. I could only do short steps. My emphasis on cycling the previous two weeks has now meant I could’t run well. Some of the run was off road, it didn’t matter, I was slow whatever the terrain.
Since all my run training is done before the sun rises, I was in huge trouble under the PD sun. I desperately wanted to reach the last run turnaround. I thought I could sprint back, but in fact went even slower. Carmen, Chris Khrang, Tai Oy Leen (an outstanding female Triathlete from Penang) and for the first time since 1990, Jason Thiang overtook me.
It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, for the first time ever, I overtook Sam Shinichi Matsunaga and Azmar.

2 hours 28 minutes
was my official time. 10th placing in my category and RM200 for my troubles.
A small improvement over last year and Kenyir, so I can’t complain. But yikes, I have put on a lot of weight.

Name Pos Swim Cycle Run Total Remarks
Men OD 16 – 29 years
Kevin Teh Kuok Yuen 2 21:36 1:01:04 32:46 1:56:29 The fastest Malaysian. Kevin used to be overseas. There’s no airs about him, we welcome him.
Mohd Zuhar (Army) 4 23:14 1:02:20 33:32 2:00:06 Represented MAS – Asian Games
Barry Lee 6 21:30 1:01:07 36:57 2:00:36
Rupert Chen 36 28:36 1:06:48 43:49 2:20:59 100km. Big improvement from Kenyir
Chau Kok Yik 126 41:04 1:18:38 51:23 2:55:11 Also did Gold Coast
Prakash Singh 140 36:31 1:18:54 1:05:59 3:05:43 Ironman
Men OD 30 – 39 years
Lee Chi Wo 1 18:07 57:47 34:32 1:51:14 Overall Champion. Asian Games - Silver
Shahrom Abdullah 5 25:08 1:00:10 34:23 2:00:38 National Duathlete
Wei Kuo Hau 8 22:12 1:03:23 36:40 2:03:03 Represented MAS – Asian Games
Hafiz Wong 10 24:55 1:00:20 39:01 2:05:17 Multiple Kona
Yip Weng Teik 12 25:04 1:04:24 36:05 2:07:01 Legend
Miroslav Banarik 20 27:27 1:04:39 39:47 2:13:34 My Slovak friend working in Malacca
Allan Lee 35 26:02 1:03:51 49:33 2:20:38 Ironman
Lim Keat Seong 37 29:22 1:03:39 46:41 2:21:05 Ironman
Loong Hin Tong 41 29:21 1:09:35 41:56 2:22:35 Ironman
Chin Wui Mon 44 27:04 1:11:10 45:02 2:24:16
Raymond Ng 68 32:16 1:12:21 44:06 2:31:06 Ironman
Abu Soffian 86 33:04 1:04:28 55:58 2:35:06 Ironman Power
Mohd Sabki 92 27:35 1:16:20 49:56 2:36:32
Nik Arif Sidek 161 32:24 1:16:59 1:01:27 2:52:06 Ironman
Kam Kasturie 191 36:49 1:19:18 1:03:26 3:03:06 Ironman
Lim Ee Van 223 34:50 1:29:31 1:17:01 3:37:54 Ironman, what happened?
Edwin Ng 225 40:25 1:19:03 1:41:37 3:42:39 As usual, Edwin was helping everyone with their punctures and motivation.
Men OD 40 – 49 years
Muhamad Razani Husain 1 22:29 1:02:47 36:43 2:02:51 The only Msian to win his age group
Richard Tang 16 29:13 1:07:06 40:10 2:17:17 10:50 at IM Korea. Msia’s fastest IM in 2011
Puzi 32 38:23 1:09:11 41:07 2:28:40 Adventure Racer
Kang Swee Hee 33 31:22 1:09:33 45:48 2:28:40 My brother
Hoo Ching Cheong 34 29:39 1:14:14 42:52 2:28:41 My brother
Chee Kai Mun 37 29:07 1:11:47 48:42 2:30:42 Ironman
Yap Eng Leong 45 24:13 1;13:58 53:21 2:33:42 Ironman
Teo Hua Yong 55 30:02 1:10:45 52:50 2:36:07 Samui
Paul Lee 60 29:28 1:21:48 43:36 2:37:05 Bike puncture
Ding Chee Kok 80 25:48 1:12:14 1:04:05 2:44:34
Ishsal 148 36:16 1:37:37 1:13:49 3:33:30 Ironman
Men OD 50 – 59 years
Don Khor 2 27:36 1:07:47 35:44 2:12:02 My friend since 1989
Dave Spence 3 27:45 1:06:08 42:48 2:17:35 Ironman
Jason Thiang 7 29:17 1:12:41 42:07 2:25:34 First time since 1990 he has beaten me
Sofiantriathlete 10 26:45 1:10:12 49:39 2:28:22
Jap Sam 12 27:06 1:08:02 1:00:52 2:37:00
Patrick Foo 22 32:59 1:21:33 1:08:53 3:05:33 Well done
Tee Tai Sun 28 33:43 1:27:20 1:05:31 3:10:06
Men OD 60+ years
Sam Pritchard 1 27:48 1:02:28 41:23 2:12:44 Super fit
Wong Hock Yim 2 35:10 1:20:53 49:40 2:47:43 Ipoh mari
Yee Sze Mun 5 34:55 1:25:49 1:00:53 3:03:53 15 official Ironmans
Women OD 16 – 34 years
Stephanie Chok 4 24:23 1:10:24 45:48 2:21:31
Chris Khrang 5 29:01 1:08:26 46:33 2:25:29
Lesley Tan 10 31:03 1:17:10 43:58 2:33:47
Jaja 24 30:51 1:15:57 58:44 2:47:15 PB
Juliana Ali 27 35:13 1:19:04 52:46 2:48:11 100km
Doc Pui San 48 33:11 1:31:22 1:01:07 3:09:42 45 mins improvement over Kenyir
Zabrina Lee 58 33:46 1:37:31 1:13:56 3:28:36
Cynthia Gan 63 1:08:23 1:44:34 1:02:51 3:58:17
Women OD 35+
Kona Carmen 4 30:13 1:09:28 46:22 2:27:12
Tai Oy Leen 5 28:49 1:07:43 48:53 2:27:12 From Penang
Poon Pek Ya 7 28:15 1:18:03 48:32 2:36:14 Friend from Spore
Ong Siok Bee 10 35:40 1:14:30 50:24 2:42:32
Nik Raiha Kosai 24 38:43 1:33:01 57:29 3:12:04
Patsy Yap 37 48:04 1:44:09 1:19:21 3:54:29 All hail

Note: PACM (Pacesetter members). PB – Personal Best time (congratulations). 100km – did the 100km ultra run in Spore on 25 June 2011.



Paul Lee said...

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If I may add to it, I would also mention Tips wonderful cake as a post race recovery food!! Yummms!

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Always entertaining & informative to read your blog. I felt as if I'm doing PD tri all over again...without the sweat & pain of couse...hahaha!

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Paul & Raymond

You can have many more of Tip's cakes. he he

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I am looking forward to all of us sharing our Desaru journey together..

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you have been doing running since 1984 is an admirable.. got to know your blog while reading footloose.. i'll say hi if i meet you during any runs.. keep up the good posting bro :-P

sofiantriathlete said...

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Happy running