Sunday, August 24, 2008

50th Birthday Do

We did a simple 50th Birthday Do at my Apartment Pool on the Saturday. Quite a number of people did not turn up. Luckily my core friends did.

Those present:

Joo Ngan, Nancy & Jackie. Andrew Wong. Freddie Loong. Ah Tuck. Ngae. Jason Thiang. John Tan and Wai Mun. CK and Jaja. Nizar and wife. Swede Nicklas, wife and 23 day old Sebastian. Don Khor, Jenny Lim, husband Lee and two children.

The organising committee (thank you to all of them) comprised my wife, her parents (came all the way from Thailand), Emily (neighbour), my wife's Thai Cempaka friend & daughter, Sally (from Miri now living at Cempaka). Also thanks to the Building Mgt (Elaine), the cleaners and Security Guards.


John said...

Again, thank you for inviting. Wai Mun and I enjoyed the fellowship and the delicious Thai food. Excellent!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you for the nice present John. May you and Wai Mun have many more years together

Simon said...

Hey Sofian,

Happy belated 50th, I just arrived back from my summer holidays in Germany and UK - sorry to have missed your party, it sounded like fun. Good luck with the steroids for your feet, it will be great to see you back in action again soon. Cheers Simon.

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Simon
Must be happy Britain doing very well at Beijing.
Did my first ride today, seems OK.
Great to have you back