Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 3 on the road to Busselton

First of all, well done Carmen at Kona. Simon's and Team Tri Hard reports.

Day 15 (Saturday). Jogged for about 50 mins around my office at Shah Alam, then joined the others for morning aerobics. But I was dizzy (mild food poisoning?) and rested in the office.

Day 16 (I am happy). I am happy because I took on the MRR2 and got back from Bentong in good time (2 PM).
Rode from the house to Bentong ABC and back. 158kM, 6 hrs 50 min.
Its been quite a while since I took the MRR2 to Orang Asli, the Group no longer meets at Joo Ngan's shop for our rides. Anyway I needed the mileage and had to get back early for an Open House.
I am much slower than before, the average speed was 25 km to HOA. I continued to GS and regrouped there, many cyclists.

It was a very nice group that went down to Bentong (Ah Heng, other Don, Sanjeev, Freddie, Andrew Wong, Irish Cormack, Liquigas and one more fella.) I guess I was the worst since I was dropped about 7km from Bentong.
The group split on the way back. I tried to hang on to a small pack at the back. Its much easier cycling in a pack. At about Janda Baik I bonked and struggled all the way to the top. It was only 4km/hr up McDonald's hill. Nevertheless made it and enjoyed the recovery going down to HOA. Had a cold drink at HOA, said goodbye and continued home. Traffic was incredible but it provides a draft, so it was quite easy to reach home.

Hopefully I can do a 200km ride soon.

Day 17. Dinner with Joo Ngan and Nicklas.
A "SECRET". A certain coach likes Malaysia's Kimberly training attitude very much and is training her in track events and road race. Apparently she can take hard training more than anyone else. You heard it here first.

Day 18. 30 mins with paddles swim.

Day 19. 45 mins on the bicycle trainer before work.

Day 20. 51 mins on the trainer before work.

Day 21. 45 mins on the trainer before work.

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