Saturday, January 05, 2008

3rd 180km

Just got back from my third Broga Loop ride.

6.48 am left home

Up Ampang Hill

7.30 am met everyone else at Pekan Batu 14. A big group due to the army students. Bacin, thank you for the Power Bar.

7.48 am, the group left. I was promptly dropped at the traffic lights after only 50 m. Never saw them again (I had wanted to ride on my own anyway).

Semenyih - puncture. Took me a good 13 mins to fix, that is using gas cannister. But the puncture was fixed.

Passed Broga, the group not there.

Water stop at Lenggeng.

Up the Lenggeng Hill and then Bukit Tangga. Bukit Tangga is quite tough.

Reached Petronas Kelawang same time as last week (12.06pm). The petrol boys told me the group had left a very long time ago. So I took my time, about 20 mins stop.

It was hot. Hotter than last week. I was suffering so stopped at Titi town. There is a new shop there. The ice and cold water did wonders.

But I was struggling now. Essentially I struggled all the way back. Ate everything I had trying to get my energy back. Power Bar taste absolutely awful, but it works.

Up Perez, the sun went. Struggled to Pekan Batu 14, sugar cane. Struggled up Ampang Hill. It was so tempting to start walking, but I didn't. It started to rain at the top.

4.32pm reached home versus 4.23 pm last week. Gross time out was therefore 9 hrs 44 mins. Even the Security Guards didn't know when I rode out.

Time on meter: 8 hrs 36 min

Distance 179.5km

Average speed 20.8 km/hr. Oops slower than 21.1km/hr last week.

Tomorrow I am going to...............sleep whole day.


Anonymous said...

We only left Kelawang Petronas 11:54 I recall. Had nice jagung there. I did well today on frequent but small organic snacks, no meals. Though nice cool stops at Titi and Lenggeng to chat would be more pleasant. You can add mileage (+20km) by taking N25, from the yellow rehab up to the Kangkoi river bridge. S

sofiantriathlete said...


There are many places to add mileage there. A favoourite of Dr Tan is head turn off to Pertang at the Power Plant.

Simon said...

Great ride Sofian, very hilly and over Ampang Hill twice - awesome.

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Simon

Anonymous said...

Hi bro

Me with 20 others will join the Ironman Langkawi. Hope to see u there.


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