Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I got it figured out

I have figured out why I am always sick, down with the flu.
Its due to taking a cold shower soon after a workout. The biggest culprit is the cold shower at Lake Gardens in the morning after a run. Even cold showers after a swim, gym (before when I went), after the GE 15KM run, all have made me sick.



Simon said...

Not sure I can agree with you on this one dude. Although I think it is essential to wrap up with a few layers straight after a cold shower. The cold shower is good to reduce body temperature which diverts the blood from the skin surface to the muscles to speed up recovery. Same as icing your feet.



sofiantriathlete said...

I agree it gets the body temp down. But its something to do with it. Maybe I have not covered up or too soon or too late after a workout. Icing is definitely good

Thank you