Sunday, February 13, 2011

PAC - LSD 13 Feb 2011

First of all we apologise, we only made 48 pieces of the pineapple cake. It went like hot cakes and was snapped up so fast. For Yin Yin Boey's mum, Tip has already said she will do something special for her (the next PAC LSD is on 6 March 2011). We have decided for the next get together, we will give away a few hundred pieces of baked stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised by the look of happiness on everyone's faces as they gobbled down the cakes. What an ice breaker and whats wrong with spreading happiness and love in this world (which is actually the Bukit Aman car park). So next LSD (6 March 2011), it will be a few hundred pieces.

Mich Looi, Raymond Ng, Richard Tang, Hoo C C (will be doing the Hong Kong Marathon next weekend), Yap Wai Mun, Tip (holding the cakes), John Tan and Siah.

I see this bloke every Sunday
this lady too
this bloke too and Juliana Ali
Siok Bee

It literally went like hot cakes. Next time we will make loads (Yin Yin & Jenny Lim)

Pat (a new friend - yipee), Yin Yin & Wai Mun

Bubbly Doc Pui San (doing Hong Kong Marathon coming weekend) her regular run buddy & Tip

TSB, Yin Yin, AP, Doc etc.

Tip , Nik Raiha Kosai (another person doing the Hong Kong Marathon), Nik (enaikay), Juliez

Yusran Yusoff (his target race for 2011 is the Berlin Marathon. The fastest Marathon on the planet)
I have to admit the get together wasn't as good as the previous one on 16 Jan 2011. Maybe someone has to get mugged or Terence has to stand on a chair and get everyone's adrenaline pumping. Never mind, we will do our bit to bring a smile to everyone's faces on 6 March 2011 with pineapple cakes and brownies.......

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