Friday, February 04, 2011

Miscellaneous updates


Joo Ngan & Nancy's Open House
Tip contributed the "miang kam" which was delicious

Tip attendding a function organised by the Thai Embassy. I didn't go as I get up at 4 a.m. to run, right.

Ng Seow Kong (second from right, pic below) was in town. The races he has done .....phew.... Amazon Jungle Marathon, all the Desert Races, all the extreme mountain races ....the list just goes on and on. He has a very humble demeanour, though. Thank you Dannie Choong for pointing out to me Ng's correct name. Thanks.

My own run that Sunday was a total disaster. Did two shortcuts and 31 km became 27 km. I thank my run buddy, Hoo Ching Cheong who stayed beside me the whole way. Hats off to the people that did the Putrajaya Twilight Run.

One week later. Sunday 6 Feb 2011. 31 km a PB, 3 hrs 10 mins. I guess now with experience I sort of know what training works and what doesn't. So one week down the road, a debacle has turned into a PB.

The full running crowd is still not back from their holidays, but a number of the regulars were there. Each running group seem to have their parking spot. The National Marathon Champion (Shaharuddin) is there every Sunday, the Moroccan, Richard Hadebeya, Goh ...well thats the fast runners. Terence and his ultra run group ----Doc Pui San, Dannie etc (whom I think the world off), Nik & Jaja & Shah, Karen Loh, Don Khor (just flying, he often does 42 km in 3 hrs 18 mins whilst training).

My run partner for the 31 km was Hoo Ching Tai (2nd from left in pic above). He is (sorry), fat but must have waited for me a hundred times. He and his brother have got the Hong Kong Marathon in February, then the Seoul Marathon in March.

Next week the car park is going to be full of runners (thus come early) with PACM organising the now popular Long Slow Distance and CNY Breakfast. Its going to be a party.


dannie chOOng said...

eerrrr Mr. Sofian, that super ultra marathon guy is not called Ng Siow Peng. he's Ng Seow Kong... darn, i miss him at Bukit Aman, was actually looking forward to see him... the last i meet him was last year at Hong Kong StanChart marathon...

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks Dannie, I figured I got the name wrong.

Hoo Ching Tai set up a TV at the stalls that morning showing the Amazon Jungle Marathon that Ng did.

Thanks again Dannie, I presume will see u at PACM LSD this weekend.

Happy New Year, Sofian