Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday morning with Pacesetters

Danny, Mohan, Hoo (my run partner) and Yip

Doc Pui San's birthday, a lovely lady

Mohan (117 marathons), Lawrence and Peter (he beat me today, well done)

Yin Yin Boey, wrote a nice article in the recent Footloose

Nik Raiha Kosai, she is going to do the Gold Coast Marathon with an entourage of 18 supporters

Yip, was storming up Kenny Hills as usual

TSB. Can you do a long run with that body? He can....

John Tan. I pulled a few muscles this morning and plodded back. He still ran beside me all the way. Since we started regular running in May 2010, he has never left me behind, not even once. What a friend.

Karen (I think) ran 37 km yesterday. Always cheerful & friendly

I have been a regular paying member (more or less) of Pacesetters Athletic Club (PAC) since they formed in 1984. Whilst I am not an active member, I totally believed in what they stood for. Its basically an avenue for runners to get together and build camaraderie. Since I've been running in 1984, I find that runners have the most camaraderie compared to say cyclists or even triathletes.

There's something about running, its a natural activity, no pretensions, it brings everyone down to earth and runners just love each other. Specifically the members of PAC are a simple lot. They organised a no frills Family Day at Padang Merbuk not too long ago, but everyone was happy to take part in its activities irrespective of who they were.

A committee member was bashed up this morning just a few meters from the car park. Terence made the announcement and within 5 minutes of passing the hat (which was actually a plastic bag), RM 500 was collected. This is just another example of how PAC members very very quickly rally around when someone needs help.

Being a Committee member of PAC is no easy matter, this morning many of their Committee members manned aid stations for the "Long Slow Distance" run that they organised. I wouldn't sacrifice my morning run.

The Bukit Aman Car Park was full this morning. It was a sea of runners to Sri Hartamas, the most I have seen.

A simple breakfast was provided after the run. Former President, Wan Yew Leong made the "teh tarik" again. Aparently he was passing the baton for overseeing a group of runners to Terence. I like Terence a lot actually. He has no qualms about standing on a chair to make an announcement. He will be brilliant, whatever it is he is supposed to do.

TIP'S PINEAPPLE CAKES. Tip (my wife) spent hours on Saturday making pineapple cakes for the runners, but on sunday morning announced that she didn't had a good sleep and couldn't go (its not the first time she's made cakes for PAC and then did not turn up).

There were 64 pieces. I distributed them like "hot cakes", no problem. I have made a lot of friends thanks to her baking abilities. Apart from the normal "thank you", "delicious" comments, there was also the "you have the best wife"......."has she got a sister". Yes I know I have a magic wife.

The morning was also the birthday for Doc Pui San (she and her friends have caught the running bug like nobody's business) and Malaysia's marathon legend Jenny Lim Kui Eng.

Mohan Marathon Maniac (117 marathons now) was also in town. I made a few new female friends too hooo hooo.

A brilliant morning, a brilliant get together, I love it.


dannie chOOng said...

Hi Mr.Sofian, thanks for sharing the pineapple cake, it was indeed nice. was tempted to take another piece actually !!! :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Hey Dannie,
you bring a smile to my face.

There will be many more treats, don't worry.

Have a nice day


Yin said...

Hi Sofian
Nice to finally chat with you! Have seen you around at Bukit Aman but a bit shy to say hi :P

Thanks for reading my article in Footloose, always happy to share my running experience and glad to know that the other runners enjoyed it too!

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi Yin Yin,

Wow what a morning this is turning out to be. Didn't expect anyone to find this page.

I will submit an article for the next footloose. Hope they find it worthy.

Its great to chat with you. Back to work ha ha