Friday, January 21, 2011

A good very clear clip of IMWA 2010. Makes you feel like you are actually there. Probably the best bit is the female winner crawling over the finish line @ 4:40.

Sunday 23 Jan 2011

Had my best run since 5 Dec 2010. 31 km (Petronas loop + double hill) taking 3 hrs 20 mins including two stops. Ran with Hoo Ching Cheong the whole way. The crowd was not as large as last week, but all the regulars were there.

I actually have only taken two days off training since IMWA as I didn't want to put the weight back on. But I started getting injuries and the run times were slower than before IMWA. This morning was a nice surprise. Put the SKINS suit on, plus 2XU calf guards for my injury. They worked a treat. No injury pain.

Got to balance the regular training, weight and injury management properly.

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