Sunday, July 25, 2010

PD Pics

A Nice Race Venue
Juliana Ali
Very Nice Hotel Room
Yip had a good race
Nik, an incredible person

Sam, Simon & Dave

Sarong all the way (run only)

Paul, slowed down and ran with me the last 3km (thank you buddy)
Ralph, Sam & Jens

For you Brother

Miss, you can get the Sarong at any Seven Eleven

Sexy and Lovely Chris and Ben

9th Placing. RM200 heh heh
Simon won the Sprint and OD. Absolutely incredible

Jens (3rd) and Cort (2nd)


Emma said...

Great JOB, super pictures and extremely quick on the posting!!!

Anonymous said...

that was a FAST update !!!!! :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Emma

Thank you Juliana Ali

Have to post quickly when you race slow....hee hee

plee said...

I had to hurry up to catch up to you, given the fact that you started in a later wave; and then keep up with you in yr sarong pace!
Besides, it was a priceless opportunity to finish with a mentor running in memory of another mentor(so many mentors I hv. Isn't TRI great??)
...and still I got a PB!(now who is slow? Haha!)
Slow?(compared to yr PB of 2:12... maybe)!

Congrats and well done on yr 9th placing!