Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Challenge Roth and Sunday's Run

Ironman Roth is now known as Challenge Roth. It was held on 18 July 2010. Its well known for very fast times and awesome spectators.

Our Sam Pritchard was there finishing in 13 hrs 19 mins (the breakdown).

The first man came in at 7 hrs 52 mins, which is "only" the fourth fastest time ever. The world's best time (7 hrs 50 mins) was done by Luc Van Lierde at the same course in 1997.

Chrissie Wellington though blew away her own world's best time, coming in at a whopping 8 hrs 19 mins. Craig Alexander's winning time at Hawaii in 2009 was only 8hrs 20 mins.

2nd and 3rd were TBB's Rebekah Keat and Tereza Marcel. I don't know why Chrissie doesn't race under the TBB banner as I was told she was actually discovered during TBB's training camp at Krabi. IM MY champion, the gracious Belinda Granger was 56 mins behind.

All the best to everyone for the PD Triathlon this weekend. One thousand participants. If you are not well, make the right call on whether to race. Welcome to Kevin from Perth. I will probably only get there around 5 p.m. on Saturday.


Bumped into the Siemens runners whilst doing my 20 km. John Tan pulled me so well that I knocked off the previous week's PB by a whopping 6 mins. So the PB is now 2 hrs 2 mins (I was doing 2 hr 25 mins without the loop not too long ago) to Petronas Loop and back. I am so indebted (almost to tears) to John Tan, he has whipped up my running into shape no end.

Thank you Julie and Nik for the pic. Julie, are you crazy about me? You are praising me no end on your blog. HA HA HA. Oh I know, you say that to all the guys you meet. HA HA.


K3vski said...

Thanks Sofian for the warm welcome. Will definitely enjoy it!

Yup, Challenge Roth is definitely a race to do in the future. But I heard you have to be quick, as half the spots for the following year's race get taken up right after the completion of the current race!

sofiantriathlete said...

You are sharp Kevin. We welcome you to PD.

IM Karnten (Austria) also I was told was very good. European races very popular but too expensive for me. Aiyo no more Langkawi.

Simon said...

Chrissie no longer races with TBB because after winning Kona the first time she was offered a minimum of USD500k to change management. Also under TBB all prizemoney is shared between the team. Not a difficult decision really although I understand that she loved the team, respected her coach no end and was sad to leave but who wouldn't have switched if they were she? I would have done for sure.

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you kindly Simon. Guess I won't be joining Team TBB anytime soon then.

All the best for PD and ITU Worlds.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Nice to bump into u during Siemens. U were looking strong and solid towards the end of your run.

C u in PD, and all the best!
If time permits, please teach me how to swim "Speedy-Sofian" style ok. :)

sofiantriathlete said...

It was brilliant to unexpectedly see you Nik.
Water stops (races) everywhere on Sunday, even at Sri Hartamas.

Read "Total Immersion". I am still reading it almost every night. It will blow your mind away on what it takes to be a slippery swimmer (stay LONG, BALANCED and SIDEWAYS.)

Emma said...

I am still speechless at what CW achieved. And now the triathlon world is asking HOW? Brett has penned his thoughts and they will be published tomorrow on why she is such a powerhouse. It makes very interesting reading:)
Extremely envious of our Sam (not of his poorly knee) but the fact he was able to experience the race. Teresa Macel told me it is a race I should def do - yeah right...only if you have contacts like Sam ;-)
Anyway, I would just like to set the record straight on a comment made here about the distribution of teamTBB athlete prize money. (Very sorry Sofian to have to post this here) Prize money won by the athletes goes to the athletes it is not shared out between the team. What sort of incentive would there be if you had to share your winnings with others who may not perform as well?? The money is little enough as it is. We also through the kind support of our sponsors are able to since last year offer race performance bonuses. It is not easy to make money in this sport unless you are at the top of the ladder. For those looking to climb the ladder and looking for a chance to just see if they can make it I commend teamTBB on what they are doing which is providing a monthly fixed salary, world class coaching in a truly unique environment. When someone exceeds expectations as Chrissie did there is always going to be a choice to make.
I am beginning to sound like slow-twitch - YIKES and I am not starting a debate here I just wanted to set the record straight.
Thanks for reading,

Anonymous said...

Sofian : nice to bump into you too ! nice surprise. :)