Sunday, July 25, 2010

IM Langkawi Latest

pics are rolling in
I was reliably informed at PD that IM Langkawi and the 70.3 might be on. There is a legal tussle going on betwen two parties. An announcement will be made in August. The dates of the events have still to be worked out.

MIRI Tri is confirmed for the weekend of 30 & 31 Oct 2010. The forms were distributed at PD. Lots of prize money.
PD Tri had 1,200 participants, the largest ever Tri event in Malaysia. It was actually well done. Mr Chan's race briefing was the best I have ever heard anywhere in the world.

The highlight of the race was hundreds of cows dashing across the road whilst on the bike out and again on the return. We had to stop, the cows didn't.

The categories were all very very strong. Many strong IM were poorly placed or even not in the top ten. Which makes Simon's feat of winning his age group even more incredible. Macau have a depth of talent. Their top woman was even faster than our Simon, I understand.

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