Sunday, July 04, 2010

One week later

I suppose its been a good week. KL Marathon was of course a very nice day, Denis mentioned my name on the radio (HA HA), friendships evolved to a higher level, Tip was happy all week with her 5km effort on KLM day etc.
Lee and John Tan, my running buddies on Sunday
I'm very happy to be able to run with my former running buddies, whom I have not ran with for more than ten years. Hopefully this will be a regular Sunday thing. Thank you very much Lee and John Tan for waiting for me a few hundred times.


It was an interesting week. My wife and I did a little kind deed and we got promised HOME BAKED GOODIES to be delivered to Bukit Aman. I know from Tip that baking takes hours. Sure enough, our donor made a special trip to Bukit Aman just to deliver a whole carrot cake. I don't think we do little deeds for our good friends or loved ones for something in return. Now I'm lost for words. Luckily I didn't get emotional.

Our donor shared with us her training methods, specifically what she did on Saturday morning. It wasn't just 3 hours on the turbo. It was 3 hours of pure pain. I think I will just stick to doing little deeds for her and continue to finish at the back of every event that I enter.

Simon did a 27 km run at Bukit Aman to prepare for the ITU Long Distance World Championships on 1 Aug 2010. The distance this year is 4km swim, 130km bike and 30km run.
When I did the same event in Perth on 25 Oct 2009, the distance was only 3km + 80km + 20km. Lucky me I suppose. What he did on KL Marathon Day was so incredible. I would have just kept on sleeping. Thats why he is an outstanding Ironman and I am not. We wish Simon all the best for the Worlds.


A few days ago Denis Oakley, our local Ironman buddy went on BFM to talk about his new business, It was nice to listen to someone talking our language. It was also an interesting insight into Denis as a person and also into his new business. I didn't understand it when he started using big words about his internet business model.

The radio DJ was very impressed, "so Denis, can anyone do Triathlons?". "Well a 120kg , 5ft 4in woman just did the Escape from Alcatraz Tri. So anyone could do it. Also, my buddy sofian whose average time for his last 8 Marathons was almost 8 hours, was even able to complete the KL Marathon a few days ago." I couldn't stop laughing. It doesn't matter I got recognised for being slow... hee hee will definitely be very good for all of us Triathletes. It will be a web-site like no other. Existing web-sites use technology developed in the nineties. will be heavily integrated with Facebook (I think). Well done Denis and Thank you.

Have a good week ahead.


Simon said...

Thanks for the mention Sofian, you're making me blush again.

And judging by your reducing waistline and ever increasing speed then you're going to get more mentions on the radio but no for being slow. Keep it up buddy, you're making huge leaps forward. It inspires me to see.

sofiantriathlete said...

You take care Simon. Hope the calf pull holds up till the Worlds.

plee said...

Ditto to Simon's comment abt yr. diminishing waistlines and race times! I wuz in Melaka, and so will place my fav race nutrition yummies the coming weekend.

sofiantriathlete said...

Was wondering where you were Paul. PD Tri already has more than 750 names / teams, phew....