Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oink oink oink

Barring something unfortunate I will be doing the Perth ITU Long Distance World Championships on 25 October 2009. The distance is 2 x Olympic Distance (3 KM, 80 KM, 20 KM).
My name is on the official start list, visas done, cheap flight paid, cheap hotel booked, office leave obtained, ITU race uniform being printed. Will pay entry fee (AUD 280) there. Entry fee is much less than IMWA (AUD 635) and Perth is a genuine World Championship.
I presume if you are from the strong Triathlon Nations (Oz, USA, Britain), there would be a very competitive selection process. However, if you are from Malaysia, just about the only condition is that you have to pay everything yourself.
If you are a Malaysian, this is what you have to do (for 2010):
  1. Inform TRIAM. You do this by putting in your request at or call Mr Chan/ Samantha Chan / Mr Cheah (TRIAM President) / Balwant Singh (the Mount Kinabalu run Race Director). They will do the race registration as they have a special log in ID with ITU. The limit is 20 per age group. Of course, Msia will be lucky to have even one participant. ITU will confirm in due course.
  2. You need an ITU approved wet suit (I hope mine is OK). From 2010 your name must be printed on the wet suit (even for age-groupers).
  3. ITU approved race suit (even for age groupers). ITU logo, your surname, country code (MAS) on the front and your surname on the lower back. The zip must be at the back. Kevin Chan can do all this.

Thats about it I think.


plee said...

Wishing you a good taper(?),safe journey and a great race! Have a blast!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Paul. Yes will try a different type of taper. i.e. do lots of light spinning. See how.
tq Paul

K3vski said...

Wah okay! Now I'm quite tempted to do a last minute registration - get an ITU race suit (or do you have to pay for that too?)

But my good friend is having a birthday do at 10am on the race day. I'll try to see you on the run!

sofiantriathlete said...

Sorry Kev, we are talking about next year. This year already closed (I am not sure about the sprint though). The ITU race suit with printing from Kevin Chan is about RM800.
I'll see you on the run, no worries.