Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank you Kevin Siah

Kevin was the fourth fastest Malaysian at IM MSIA in Feb 09. I have met some of his family members, they are all lovely people. His little sis for example, is going to do the coming Spore Marathon blindfolded for charity. Kevin himself has a strong soft spot for the less fortunate, being the CFO for a Homeless Shelter in Perth.
This ITU LDWC seems to have more rules than all the other events I have done put together, plus the Organisers have been very particular about how things are done.
I thought I had read all the rules cover to cover and had all the bases covered. Until, Kevin very kindly pointed out to me that due to my flight arrival time, I would miss the compulsory "no exceptions" race participants accreditation on 22 Oct 2009. I frantically phoned and e-mailed the Organisers who gave me a Late Registration on Saturday (24 Oct 09). Again they used the words "No exceptions" to anyone else who have not informed the Organisers in advance.
Phew, thank you Kevin Siah for evidently reading the web-site with more accuracy than me. I am forever in your debt.


K3vski said...

Hey, no worries Sofian! We help each other out. I was just 'curi tulang' from work and so happen to be surfing the right site at the right time!

And thanks for the free promo for my sis's fundraising. She'll really appreciate that!

P/S - Actually, I don't work in a hospital. I work in a homeless shelter, which also has programs for the aged and those with mental illness. But close enough ;)

sofiantriathlete said...

thanks again Kevin