Saturday, October 10, 2009

Training Diary: 8 weeks to IMWA & 2 weeks to LDWC

Saturday: 85 mins spin on trainer (morning). 2 hrs 5 mins in the afternoon. Total 3 hrs 30 mins for day.
Sunday: Run. 63 mins to Petronas. 5 mins stop. 66 mins back. Total 2hr 15 min, a PB. (I have problem feet, the thick RM10 socks from LIEM did the trick.)
One hr afternoon swim.
Monday: 37 mins spinning.
Tuesday: 74 mins spinning
Wednesday: 70 mins spinning. 10 mins swim (I am useless)
Thursday: 60 mins spinning (try new approach, I think all the spinning will help my running).
Friday: 65 mins spinning


plee said...

I the LIEM office the same as the SRS offices near Jobstreet??

Simon said...

I've never seen you looking so swift on your feet than Sunday - Impressive stuff, keep that up and you'll start worrying a lot of people (including me).

sofiantriathlete said...

Paul, LIEM was selling RM10 Ironman socks at IM Langkawi. I don't think the Medan Tuanku office keeps stock of anything.

sofiantriathlete said...

Come on Simon.
Happy Deepavali and have a good run at Bangkok.