Monday, November 10, 2008


Well its really getting nearer. Now there is only two more weekends of training.

Day 43, Saturday.
One hour run around the office at Shah Alam. Joined the company's aerobics for a few minutes.
Day 44, Sunday.
166 km, 19.5 km/hr, 8 hrs 33 mins.
Didn't quite make it home. Wife picked me up near the top of Ampang Hill. It was absolutely pouring and I didn't want to tempt fate.
A reasonable ride. Hardly any cyclists on the road (Powerman).
Day 45, Monday.
2.4km swim at PADE Shah Alam (pool water becoming murky again).

So far..... I have done three long rides (more than 8 hrs on the saddle), two 20 km runs and a longest swim of 3.5 km. My average (slow) speed for the long rides is getting slower, perhaps due to the easy gears I use. What is good though, I don't stop for proper meals anymore (raisins and gel works just fine now). I have to try Bentong way instead I think, the Broga loop is now so mundane.

My run though (dare I say it), has never been better since I got the heel pain in 2002. Of course I am still slow. Both the long runs were on days immediately following long /medium rides. Goodness, this surely augurs well.

I have neglected my swimming, I will put more effort this week.

Please, please no injuries.....

Day 46, Tuesday
Nothing - not enough sleep

Day 47, Wednesday

  • 30 mins trainer at home
  • Brisk walk up a hill to Cheras Mile 11 water treatment plant (to the amusement of my colleagues)
  • 1.5 km swim. Swimming is totally off now, trouble just to make 2 mins for 100m.

Day 48 & 49

2.4km swim on Thursday. Nothing on Friday. Slept before 8 pm (the best thing I have ever done).

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