Sunday, November 02, 2008


Day 36, saturday. Bonk big time.
It was supposed to be a long 179km ride. Left the house , up Ampang Hill ok, but at Pekan Batu 18, started to feel tired / fed up, I don't know why. I knew there was a group leaving at 8.30 am from Batu 18, so I joined them.
We went up Perez, I was soundly beaten by little Jaja Pooley. The group then went to the Tekala rest place and again I was left behind. By this time, due to the waiting, I had not eaten maybe for 4 hrs. I bonked big time. Not even gels, raisins, air kelapa gave me back my energy. The Group went back to Batu 18, but I couldn't keep up and went thru the hill to Batu 14. Called the wife and she picked me up. The perks of having a dutiful wife.
In total it was 88km, 4 hrs 30 mins, 19.4km/hr slow.

Day 37, Sunday.
Its been ages since I last ran on a Sunday at Lake Gardens. I was a bit late and the car park was full. There was simply so many ordinary folks doing the run to Petronas. That is amazing and nice to see.
Had a chat with Emma and TTH, who has got me thinking, I have been neglecting swimming. Its nice to chat with like minded people.

Actually I had a good run.
1 hr 4 mins to Petronas. 5 mins pit stop and 1 hr 10 mins back. Total 2 hrs 20 mins versus 2 hrs 30 mins last week.

I am feeling tired, I hope I can still do two long rides and two 20 km runs before the race.

Day 38 Monday. Nothing
Day 39. Trainer 40 mins
Day 40 Wednesday. Trainer 30 mins.
Day 41. Thursday. 55 mins trainer. Swim 15 mins in long sleeve wet suit. I hated it.
Day 42. Friday. Swim 3.5km in Simon's wet suit. I am buying it and will use it at Busselton.


Dancing Ciken said...

actually, u look tired that day. macam takde mood je nak kayuh

but i like your jersey :D nice

sofiantriathlete said...

will take it easy these few days, anyway it was good to see every body