Saturday, November 15, 2008


Its now the third weekend before the race. Its generally considered that training should reduce substantially two weeks before a race. So I have another week of hard training.

Day 50, Saturday
After a few strokes of the pedal, we sort of know what kind of day we will have. I was going to have a good day since I did no training on Friday and slept before eight.
Today must have been the nicest day I have known for cycling. Not a ray of sun throughout the day. There was a miscommunication with the wife and she came to pick me up as I was doing the last hill home.

In total it was: 165km, 20.1km/hr average. 8 hrs 5 min and I am not tired at all. I wonder if anyone will be at Lake Gardens tmw considering its Penang Marathon weekend.

Day 51, Sunday
20 km at Lake Gardens
1 hr 4 mins to Petronas
8 mins pit stop
1 hr 6 min back
Total 2 hrs 19 mins. A PB actually. We are getting serious aren't we.

A really nice day at Lake Gardens. This is where it all started for me around 1984 running with the Pacesetters. Quite a crowd at Lake Gardens. Team Tri Hard overtook me twice. She did an incredible time at Powerman. The bike split was just 1 min slower than Razani. The way the Brits embrace sport is quite different from us locals.
Dato Bernard Chandran was also there telling everyone to run extra, good to see.
Pacesetters had a small table opened.
Mr Chan and family was there. John Tan was effortlessly floating up the Hartamas Hills (he had an incredible race at Powerman). Long lost Adam was there but did not run. Exchanged notes with fellow Busselton candidate, Gane.
It is a nice place to be.

New legal husband, Randy was there. Incredidle photos of his Penang ceremony if u click this pic

Day 52, Monday. Nothing, tired from the exertions over the weekend.

Day 53, Tuesday. Joo Ngan called from Melbourne, apparently its very cold. Did 20 X 100m on mostly 2 mins wearing the wet suit. The wet suit and the swim is probably the biggest challenge now. It doesn't even keep me warm in the Shah Alam Pool never mind Busselton.

Day 54, Wednesday. Nothing (company dinner)

Day 55. Nothing, felt lousy and sleepy the whole day.

Day 56 Friday. 40 mins on the trainer in the morning. Sha Alam indoor pool was closed for a competition. Tried to get to Bukit Jalil but gave up after being stuck in a massive traffic jam.


Simon said...

Way to go Sofian, sounds like you're on fire - you're gonna eat Busselton up.

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Simon
not quite I think