Sunday, December 09, 2007


40 mins on the trainer at home before leaving for work.

I think I did nothing (the coffee during work really plays havoc on my sleep)

Swim at Shah Alam Pusat Aquatic.
30 x 100m on 2 mins 10 secs (I'm really happy with this that I persevered and completed the workout)

On leave (study for exam).
Ran double hill at Lake Garden in the morning. Time was 1 hr 9 min , actually 1 min slower than on Sunday. Well so much for going for the world record.
Didn't study well, didn't sleep well again.

Swam 30 mins in my aprtment pool. Enjoyed that. Studied well after.

Exam day which was held at APIIT, its a nice place. No training, after Exam read thru my books and discovered I answered so many questions wrongly.

Ngae said meet at HOA. It was drizzling driving there. Gosh my mind was playing games, should I just go home and sleep. At HOA there was Ironman Jap Sam, Ironman Yap, Ironman Ong, Ngae (to Bentong only), one other guy and Chew (who blew us all away).
I felt lousy, again mind playing tricks. Gulped down lots of water and felt energised. We had food at Bentong then proceeded all out to beautiful Kg Sang Lee for durian (I didn't eat). Turned back (yes we didn't go to Fraser), all out to Bentong ice kacang (it is good).
The ride back was a challenge (1 hr 38 mins for me). Luckily it was drizzling the whole day. For the other Ironmen it was their first long ride. The fruits at the Mcdonald hill was simply delicious.

Tuesday is a public holiday, party time.

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