Friday, October 03, 2008

On the road to Busselton

On 27 July I had steroid injections in my heel done by Dr Rozman of Damansara Specialist Hospital. I recommend this Doctor, he understands the psyche of the athlete and has "the best steroids in the country".
I stopped cycling for 5 weeks but did do swimming. My feet have never been better, though I am not totally cured.

I started easy cycling for about 3 weekends. Now just about all my cycling is done between Orang Asli and Bentong. There is no sun, shady, quiet, cooling (for Malaysia), Just right for me.

Busselton is on Dec 7th, my heaviest training actually has to be done during the current holiday period.

So my come back training so far is as follows:
Day 1. Orang Asli go to almost Bentong and come back. 92 km
Day 2 . Joined Joo Ngan at Batu 14 Ulu Langat. There was Azian (Womens Road Race Gold Medal at SEA Games twice), Kimberly, Uracca (all the top girls), Swede Nicklas (very fit), Irish Cormack, Ngae, French Geoff, Edwin's group, Andrew's group ( thus a big group). We all went to Titi. Surprisingly I beat Joo Ngan up Peres and to Titi. He was upset and beat me on the return. I was surprised I could keep up considering my inactivity.
Day 3. Just easy swimming, the thrashing with Joo Ngan knocked me out.
Day 4. Orang Asli to almost Bentong and come back. 92 km, average 20 km/hr
Day 5. Bicycle trainer at home, light for 2 hrs.
Day 6. Orang Asli to Bentong Shell station and back. 100km. Average 21km/hr. I felt so tired.
Day 7. Rest
Day 8. I had great hopes for this day, after all, didn't I do nothing the previous day. Anyway all I could muster was a ride from HOA to Bentong and back. 100km and it took me 5 hrs on the meter. I guess I am tired from the increase in mileage. Tomorrow I will rest again.
Day 9. Rest, 40 minutes in the apartment pool.
Day 10. 20 km run from Bukit Aman Car Park to Petronas and back. It took me in total........ 3hrs 4 mins. Well its my first run since PD (July). The thighs were really painful from the recent cycling. The heel was fine though.
Day 11. 30 mins swim at Shah Alam Pool. Legs still sore.
Day 12. No training as did not have a solid sleep.
Day 13. 30 X 100m on 2 mins or 2m 5 secs (with paddles, so faster).
Day 14. Nothing because again not a solid sleep the night before (happens quite often).

Wet suit Test. This is my biggest concern for Busselton. The Medium wet suit was way too tight for my tummy. They gave me their last Large wet suit which has some holes patched with glue. I tested it just now and water immediately trickled in. Tried it for about 10 mins. We swim much faster, the water in the wet suit did not drag me down. Its also tight around the throat (this is quite scary).
I suppose I will have to test it many more times.

My Beloved
Man U seem to be getting back last season's form. I've watched the recent Bolton, Aalborg and Blackburn games from start to finish a few times.
D. Bebatov is OK. He is not rubbish. Has good close control. He still has to gel properly with the others.
Rooney is coming into form simply because he combines very well with Ronaldo. They seem to understand each other's flicks.
The whole team is playing better and the catalyst is Ronaldo coming back into the side.


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