Friday, February 05, 2010

Very sick*

*Sorry, I am just kidding. I am much better now thank you.
Its amazing, when we are fine and healthly, no one seems to say anything. But when we are not well, we get all these well wishes (well, there was only three). In fact this was the only "pick up line" that ever worked for me. "Tip, I have been in an accident and broke my arm. Could you come to KL and take care of me please." She came in a jiffy and I married her.
1 - 3 Feb 2010 (Mon - Wed): The cold was quite heavy. Only did 30 mins trainer on the wednesday morning.
4 Feb (Thu): 1 hr trainer in the morning.
5 Feb (Fri): 90 mins trainer in the morning.
6 Feb (Sat): I hope to do my favourite long ride. Done 205.9km. Pls Chairman of the biggest Board in the sky, wake me up tmw at 5 am feeling fresh. (The whole world is doing tonight's Putrajaya night Marathon. Lake Gardens might be empty).
7 Feb (Sun): I hope to do a long run at Lake Gardens. Could only manage Petronas, then I took a taxi back. The taxi driver was a nice old man, so I gave him a RM5 tip. I also gave the old lady at the stall a RM3 tip for changing my RM 50 note. Simon was there.
I am crest fallen. In my haste to do better this year, I got myself sick and may have just about messed up the race. I thought I had already left my mucus (sorry for being crass) all over the Malaysian Main Mountain Range yesterday. There's still lots left today.
Last year after IMWA, all I did was keep things ticking over. My longest ride was 136km. This year I have already done eight 200 km rides (well the first one was just 195km) and I wake up at 4 a.m. everyday to go on the trainer (this might have done me in, because its so cold that early).
Time to listen to Mr Barry White, one of my favourite all time songs. Even better would be BEYONCE at the Grammys (what a performance).
Its going to be a very serious case of post ironman blues after IM China (14 March 2010). I don't have any particular race in mind to do. Not even IMWA, in fact I will give IMWA a miss this time, its so costly to do. One must spend at least a few days sight seeing there because its so beautiful. The flies are not bad too.
Work front 2010
Yes, for the first time I am mentioning it. I have a new boss w.e.f. 1 Jan 2010. I absolutely like him. He smiles a lot, never forgets his Ps & Qs (please & thank you). So I pledge to do my very best to impress him (thats why I havn't been on the internet much).
I cried to my staff recently, that I didn't get any of them promoted at the 2009 year end. I chaired the meeting and was sobbing away. It wasn't silly you know, they are all extra nice to me now.
2010 WISH
To mend a particular cyber friendship that I messed up.
P.S. IM YIP (who was assaulted and robbed) is fine. I have just spoken at length to him on the phone. His h/p no. is still the same 016-6299656. It would perk him up no end to hear from anyone of us.
Total Training Hours : 13.4 hours (over did it and got sick again)


K3vski said...

Oh, but who's going to lead the Malaysian team in the parade of nations then?

Hehheh, wishing you all the best in your new work and your double Ironman challenge.

Don't worry, I'll try my best with the parade of nations at IMWA. I'll have big shoes to fill. There are quite a few showing some interest.

sofiantriathlete said...

You are going to do IMWA!! Wow, finally doing your local race. Try to win the Parade of Nations man (thats the only thing Msia can win).
You & Li-Ann think of something ceative for Msia.
Yes, quite a few showing interest. Richard Tang is almost certain.
See you Langkawi brother.

tryathlete said...

Sofian and Kev,

God willing, Senn and I will be going to Busselton this year. Want your advice: We are planning to stay a few days post-race for a little vacation and R&R. In your opinion, should we stay in Busselton or go to Perth?

Would really appreciate any tips.


sofiantriathlete said...

Read my blog archives pls. Some stay in Perth, some stay around Busso, some both. I personally would stay around Busso and Margaret River. There's sea, white surf, cliffs, thick forests, wine. Perth is a town, just like P.J. ha ha.
Have fun.

Emma said...

Missed you this morning...threw in some 'fun' training and went on a city sightseeing run with Julie and Hayley :) I think you have answered your question yourself in the fact that all you did last year was keep things 'ticking over' - I love that saying and can't wait to put it into action myself. BUT, not to worry you know you will cross that finish line and I vow to be there with Tip waiting for you :)

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you