Friday, February 12, 2010

3 Weeks to go (8 - 14 Feb 2010)

Chin up everyone

Monday: Was still not well. Went to clinic with Tip. The medicine dished out actually worked.

Tuesday: 30 mins swim at home.

Wednesday: Trainer 1 hr 50 mins. 2.1 km swim (41 mins)

Thursday: 1 hr trainer

Friday: 1.5 hrs trainer. Swimming at the Shah Alam indoor pool is akin to playing the lottery. Today it was jackpot day. Hardly three people for all the ten lanes. I was splashing for all I was worth. Though I know the still indoor pool is a different ketle of fish compared to the mass start swim. 30 x 100m

Saturday: Run Lake Garden, Petronas, Loop, Lake Gardens & double hill. 4 hrs 11 mins of plodding inclusive of three water stops totalling 15 mins. I guess I am just not a runner. It took so much out of me, probably need to rest tmw.

Sunday: Short ride, HOA to GS and back. 1 Hr 15 min.

Happy Valentine's day and New Year everyone (from Tip and Me).

Total hours: 11.75 hrs

Thats it, no more heavy stuff.

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