Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Last two weeks (15 - 21 Feb)

15 Feb (Monday): Swim in apartment pool - two hours

Tuesday: Trainer 2 hrs 20 min (spinning). Swim 1 hour

Wednesday: 50 mins trainer. Didn't swim after work as I did not sleep well. My propensity for coffee is messing up my ability to sleep well. Hmmm, actually reduced my coffee intake at the office. Hope to keep it up.

Thursday: 65 mins trainer (playing with the gears now). 46 mins swim. Obviously the Total Immersion book I have been religously reading has not helped, as I got tired anyway.

Friday: 65 mins trainer. Hmmm swim 4.5 km - 1 hr 27 mins 34 secs. Must be the new big watch Razani sent though the post. I didn't realise it was so convenient to get things from Razani (016-9312688). Provided you know what you want, he will post it to you and in my case, I got it on my office desk within 24 hours.

Saturday: 60 mins trainer at home (trying bigger gears now, the neighbours did not complain). Ran 40 mins at the office car park just before the morning company aerobics. A number of my sedentary office mates liked seeing me run. They just "liked", they didn't join in though.

Sunday: Started with 40 mins trainer at home. Car park to Petronas and back. I walked part of the way. Lets say the running bit was 2 hrs.

The last run: The Bukit Aman Car Park is where Pacesetters first started its long runs in 1984. Triathlon only started in 1989, so everyone was a runner then. The camaraderie was incredible. We considered each other to be our best buddy, anyone else was actually an idiot.

I was the worst runner in the group (we called ourselves the "Easy Runners"). The PD Triathlon of June 1989 broke up the running group. A lot of the Pacesetters embraced Triathlon. Some could only swim 300m in the pool, it didn't matter. I think Pacesetters then was more closely knit, but with Triathlon, I didn't go to the car park anymore.

Triathlon was more fun. I didn't miss a single race between 1989 and 2002. We enjoyed each other's company immensely. It was non stop laughter or yapping when we got together. The top race was at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The Sabah Tourism Authority put in a lot of effort to make us feel welcome when we went to KK. People from all over the world came to their races. The Sabah Tourism actually sponsored the first National Team to compete at Japan. Thats how I got the wet suit.

Singapore's ABC Stout Race was brilliant, so were the races at Lumut, Damai Kuching, Penang (until the jelly fish ended everything), Sg Udang Camp, once at Terengganu, Desaru etc.

I actually think the fun and camaraderie in Triathlon has dropped, may be its because I don't race anymore, I'm not sure.

Coming back to the Last Run, the car park was sparse but a number of people doing Langkawi were there:

Simon Cross (running with Ben), Jens Wilkens, KK Lee (I mistook him for Cecil in the dark. KK was bouncing), Carmen, Sam (his old injury came back, he only managed to reach the Bank Negara Train Station), Randy Tan and Ivie, Adeline, Big Mac (my favourite sports person in the world), Yip (effortlessly flying up the hill) and others (eg Stephanie Chok) who are not racing Langkawi this year.

Its just a wonderful feeling to catch up with everyone.

Total Hours: 15 hrs (training hereby done)

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