Monday, September 21, 2009

Training diary - 11 weeks to go

I have been talking too much lately. Its now time to train more and talk less.
x day
  • 2 hrs bike trainer
  • 1 hr easy swim. The shoulder did not bruise this time because we did the swim slowly.
  • 15 km run then in the taxi. First run since Desaru. As usual a wonderful reunion on the run and at the car park.
Monday (brick)

  • 104 km. From Sg Long (Chow Teck Beng's house) along SILK Highway to Seremban (food stop) and back. SILK Highway is the best bit of road I have ever cycled on. Its a three lane highway plus an emergency lane. There was hardly any traffic (the toll Operators went bust I think). Its the best road to practice going aero. Three IMWA bound buddies were there (so I gave Fraser a miss): Gane, KK Lee & Li Sar Onn. There was also Jason Thiang, Sexy Chris (she is not well), Lok Chan Chuen (super fit person) & Chow. I enjoyed it immensely as it was safe to go aero for very long periods.
  • As advised by TTH, I immediately did a 20 min run. Chow Teck Beng very kindly provided a motor bike escort due to the ferocious dogs around. As soon as Chow left, I slowed down.

Tuesday (Brick)

  • 100km. Orang Asli to Bentong and back. 4hrs 59 min. Slowish as the idea was to finish it. Traffic still sparse. Saw more cylists than cars.
  • 56 min run. The running seems to get easier as you do it more often. I'm still slow though (drat, I have to work tmw).


  • 25 mins trainer before work


  • 3km swim at Bukit Jalil with paddles. 59m 47 sec


  • Rest for the weekend.


plee said...

Back to back brick sessions!Wow! Nice

sofiantriathlete said...

My run so useless. I made a mental note to end all bikes with at least a short run. Heh heh