Saturday, September 26, 2009

10 more weeks, one week to 70.3

Saturday (Brick)
  • 100km. HOA to Bentong and back. 4 hr 31 mins.
  • 10km run (accurate distance). 1 hr 11 mins. Flipping hot.

Sunday (Brick)

  • 100km. HOA to Bentong and back. 4 hrs 49 mins
  • 32 min run

I suppose preparation for the 70.3 is about done and dusted.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 2.2km swim - a shambles

Wednesday: 1.5km swim (feels better)

Thursday: Nil (slept 8.30 pm)

Friday: Swim 40 mins in small pool

Saturday: 30 mins trainer before work. Bike check in before 5 pm

Sunday: Party time. 8.15 am for oldies


yipwt said... you sure can go fast !

sofiantriathlete said...

No lah. C u there?

yipwt said... coming

sofiantriathlete said...


Cheong said...

All the best Sofian for the 70.3. Do they by any chance publish the bike & run map & where to park the car? Don't seem to be able to find the info on their website. Am going as a spectator. Appreciate info on the above (if any). Thanks

sofiantriathlete said...

I have seen the bike and run maps on their web site. The official hotel is the Pullman Hotel. Park anywhere there I suppose.