Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Gem Collection

We have so far amassed quite a number of gems for IMMY. Its time to compile them for our benefit till all eternity.
  • We battle against ourselves on race day, but we never really are alone. Paul
  • I had to get off the bike to drink at PD. Peter.


  • VIP viewing seat is available at TBB to watch Total Immersion. Emma
  • Never miss doing the bricks once a week. Run should be about 20 mins, not more than one hour, so that you will start the run well on race day (brilliant). Emma
  • Just do it, doing a session feeling crap builds the mental strength for IM. Emma
  • Time and record your training. Simon
  • Don't record your training. Simple Emma
  • Any training session is still training in the bank. Simon
  • Keep on doing your favourite routes. Me
  • Have variety to your training routes. Simon
  • Pass the jellies to sexy Chris and the sea lice won't bother you anymore. Emma
  • Don't accidentally kick the stone that is holding down the turnaround buoy.


  • Start gulping plain water as soon as you are out of the water. You don't realise the sweat you have lost whilst in the water (brilliant). Simon
  • Grab your T1 bag quickly and go into the female changing tent. Me


  • I start the bike doing the fly mount. Kevin
  • Don't do the fly mount. Me
  • Eat early before you start feeling bad. Get down a Bar and a gel or two before 60km (brilliant). Simon
  • Nutrition intake is the fourth and most important discipline for IMMY. Simon
  • Force yourself to eat. Force it. Emma
  • Eat at regular intervals. Use the stop watch if need be. Emma
  • Don't finish the bar in one go. The tummy can't take it. Split it up. Emma
  • Alternate solid food vs the gels. Emma
  • Give yourself 15 mins before you hop into the ambulance. The 15 min wait could be the diff. between a dnf and the finish line. Ariff.


  • You won't DNF on the run. Me - regular 8+ hours run split for IMMY. We recall Iwata San lying flat out motionless near the bridge with the Race Director and others just watching him, he still got up eventually without assistance to finish the race.

If I may say so, I think we have an amazing collection above. Thank you everyone for contributing.

Improving Together


peter chan said...

hi sofian, thanks for the effort compiling the gems. and of course, generating a lot of the gems recently.
was talking to boon foo at the bike pro shop last night. when i mentioned your name, first thing he said was, 'that guy should write about all his knowledge and experience in ironman'. so i told him you have been doing so :)

sofiantriathlete said...

I always liked him ha ha. Have a nice dat Peter

plee said...

Brilliant!...The Encyclopedic Experiential Guide to Ironman Langkawi. :)

cheong said...

Good Job Sofian. I enjoy this set of post & it is very benefial.
Next, you can compile one on Ironman diet (before & after). ;D

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

Great Tips sir!=)

sofiantriathlete said...

Cheong: I am not the right person to talk about dieting. My tummy covers the whole screen.

OP Chan: all the best OK.