Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Accomodation done

Kondo Istana Hotel
Its a favourite with many participants. Why I went for it is because its on the bike and run route. Very convenient for our loved ones. They can take a rest in between our appearances. The day (and night) is more difficult for them.
You can book thru many sites on the net or call them direct:
04-9661118 (En Faiz - polite chap)
The rate is RM209 per night for a two room condo (four beds). It has kitchen (for the wife), lounge and dining place too I think. Don't know why I never stayed here before. I wonder whats the catch.
The other places I have stayed are :
Sea View, City Bay View (too expensive)
Baron (OK its new)
Langkasuka (where they have the race briefing. Ok but a bit out of the way)
Eagle Bay (absolutely useless)
Flight is done and of course the entry fee. So we are set.........


Ali said...

All the very best!! wishing you a great and fun ironman race!

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you

plee said...

Back 2 back Full Ironmans! Dear Sir I think you need to be upgraded from Ironman to "Stainless Steelman". Love your staminalah. All the very best at Langkawi. Thanks for all the inspiring sharings

sofiantriathlete said...

Ha Ha such nice words. It makes the efort to blog worthwhile. Don't tell anyone I am almost last placing.