Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seven weeks to Langkawi

A working day. Morning 40 mins on the trainer.
2km lunch time swim at PADE
Sunday -a "TYRE day"
Started out from home to do a long ride. But got a puncture after only 30km at the Peres T junction. That junction was absolutely full with cyclists. The National Track and Road teams blazed by, Mr Chan's group of triathletes, OP Sabri and group, recumbents, MTBs, all sorts of cyclists..... Mr Chan's wife very kindly helped me to the end with the puncture. Thank you Aunty. Stupid me had the latest gas gadget but didn't know how to use it. So my very dutiful wife picked me up from Pekan Batu 14. Only 50 km on the meter.
56 mins trainer in the morning. For the first time the pool was totally empty and I did not pack my trunks.
52 mins trainer in the morning.
3km swim with paddles after work.
Its been ages since I had two good workouts in the same day. Is it because I used the nose thing for snoring,, it gave me a good sleep for once. I hope it works again tonight.
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday 1 hr trainer in the morning
Friday 2.2km swim with paddles at PADE. The kids were in the dive pool leaving the big pool empty.


plee said...

By nose thing r u refering to the Breathe Right thingy? I get my children to use b4 sleep to breathe better but tried it on New Years day Pacemaker run. Helped quite a bit. I also noticed Iwata-san wearing it. Sheesh! He set a new record became overall winner covering 13.8k in 53plus min.

sofiantriathlete said...

I think Paula Radclif also use it.
So far I only use for sleeping - seems to be very good