Friday, June 13, 2008

In the STAR!

I was browsing celebrity OP UPIQ's blog and came across a link to the STAR's report on the A Famosa race which has a pic of fat yours truly at the back.

The STAR's article


Upiq said...

OP Sofian Sir...

Looking at your massive shoulder and rippled chest makes me like a weenie. I wanna have them as well.

Celebrity Upiq? very funny sir..!!

zebrallini said...

Dear established Ironman : why do you still have ur googles N swimcap still intact??

Body tuh macam Jason Shortis lar

sofiantriathlete said...


Keep it up junoir


The goggle is optical goggles. The cap I dunno. The running vest still in the shorts. That I forgot to take out. Too tired mah.
All the best for Tri Kids