Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Racing Rims and Saddle

Hmmm. I seem to be getting more serious or just plain stupid.
About one week ago I bought new cycling shoes based on unsolicited recommendation of the bike mechanic. My previous Shimanos were a constant pain to my feet. I thought it was because of my heel pain. Anyway the new Pearl Izumis were properly fixed using some equipment that the shop has. I really like the new shoes, though I seem to be cycling slower.
I have been watching a recording of Faris Al Sultan doing the recent Langkawi race umpteen times and notice that he sits right at the tip of the saddle. I tried doing it the past two rides and found the position very painful on the crotch. I told Edwin Ng and he thought I was a wimp. Then my wife said "Look honey this saddle is soft". So I bought the soft saddle (a Physique Tri 2 model). I tried the new saddle on the trainer two hours ago and it felt much better than my previous saddle.
I know the place to save time on the bike is the wheels. I nonchalantly told my wife at the shop, she told Edwin and before I knew it, Edwin brought these "Fullspeedahead" wheel sets. I have not even heard of the brand. Mr Cheah (P2K fame and the President of TRIAM) knew about the wheels and said they were very good value for money. I was initially very reluctant with all the money flowing out recently for Busselton. But the wife was OK with them, so I bought the wheels too. The wheels are to used only for racing.
To finance all this I will sell two or three lots of my company's shares (don't know why I am writing all this).
What I need to get now is a Large or X-Large wet suit. I had trouble just getting my ankles into my medium sized wet suit that I have since 1992.
This Sunday I am going to try out all this new stuff at Ulu Langat. The following week its the Miri race.


John said...

Wow! Nice looking wheel set. How much is the pair? Thinking of getting one b4 the Powerman. Also, do you know where to get a good trainer? TACX preferable. Tq.

sofiantriathlete said...

one pair wheel set with quick release, brake pads is RM3,700 from Edwin. Tyres extra.
I saw quite a few trainers at Edwin's shop. What is TACX?