Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday's ride

Sunday "group". Photo courtesy of "Jim Manan" vide UPIQ. Thank you

Didn't really have a good ride today. Started from home around 6.50 am, up Ampang Hill, passed Batu 14, 18, T junction, up Perez. Was surprised to see such a huge group at the top. I sort of have a new fan in UPIQ, ha ha.

The bicycle was in very good condition after the servicing by Edwin. I didn't use the new wheels as the gear/chain was making some noise. I hope Razani can fix it in Miri. Joo Ngan's group also came up, Dr K who I did the KL Marathon with in nineteen eighty something.

Went to Tekala rest place, then I started to feel lethargic and skipped going up Perez for round two (bad boy). The sun was coming out, had a puncture going up Ampang Hill. Conveniently Albert and Freddie were driving by, so they helped me with the puncture (the gas cannisters were not working). Thank you Freddie and Albert.


110 KM. Average 21.6 km/hr. Almost 5hrs.

The bike has been packed into the new hard bike case. It took me and my wife a good few hours to gingerly pack the bike. I hope its usable in Miri.


John said...

All the best in Miri. Enjoy!

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you sir