Friday, February 08, 2008

I'm Ready

I'm ready for Langkawi.

The highlights of my training have got to be:

1. Taking the taxi sapu from Kuala Kelawang back to Pekan Batu 14. Managed to overtake Ngae and Yusran in the taxi.

2. Finishing 10km of the GE 30 KM run.

Well Dr Tan is happy that he has company to slug it out for the last position.

It starts at 7.45 a.m. for age groupers. So my loved ones will have to wait till 12.45 the next day. (Gosh I have to catch the plane back on sunday).

I'm staying at Langkasuka (where they do the race briefing). Dr tan is there too, Leong will be there from the US. I think Joo Ngan is coming too.


Dancing Ciken said...

haih? what happen?

all the best for your IM 08! i'll be there to cheer u up!

my preparation will be for the 2009 :p

sofiantriathlete said...

you bully me at the GE

see you at Langkawi

John said...

All the best and enjoy your race!

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you John tan

Adrian said...

good luck sofian!

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you adrian

Anonymous said...

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