Monday, February 11, 2008

Personal (negative) thoughts for 23 Feb 2008

Just by having negative thoughts I suppose, does not augur well. Anyway, I do have lots of negative thoughts for this year's event.

The mental preparation

For the first time, I just "gave up" mentally many times in training for this year's event. I took the taxi home once, tried to find the taxi on other occasions, contemplated just giving up the sport when coming back from Fraser Gap, cut short my rides etc.
I fear the same mental weakness may just persuade me to give up on race day.

The Swim

Normally this segment does not give me problems. I did not swim much (because the swim is not that important in an Ironman). I do have a 45 X 100m (4.5km) session logged in, done in the now pritine Shah Alam pool.

My concern is the steel plate in my left arm. Sometimes it just seems to ache for no apparent reason. Hope it doesn't have a mind of its own on race day.

The strategy on race day is to conserve energy. If the pros start 15 mins earlier and its a two loop course, then I will be lapped on the swim. So demoralising.

The bicycle

The new "open" route scares me. I really struggle around Kuala Kelawang in the extreme heat. I much prefer the hills and trees at Genting Sempah. The breeze at Genting Sempah feels like a natural air conditioner.

My last year's bike was ok due to the many trees on the cyling route. The new highway I suppose has no trees.

Maintaining adequate food intake is a real concern. The bananas on the route saved me last year.

This year I will spin more and probably have a slower bike split. The idea is to save the thighs for the run.

The run

The run is the biggest concern. It takes me 8.5 hours to struggle through the marathon (the top pros finish the whole race in 8.5 hrs).

I have actually done some run training this year versus none last year. These last 12 days, I will wear the new shoes and new custom in-soles around the house to wear them in. Two days ago, I ran in them and it felt so good. But my right arch (which is FALLEN) ached like crazy. I have another shoe which does not give pain to my arch, but it has a very stiff sole and I run flat footed in them.

My margin to the cut-off time the last two years was only around 8 minutes. So no margin for cramps or long toilet calls.

So why do it?

The feeling at the finish line, nothing I have known so far in this world matches it. Langkawi finish line.... here I come.


Belacak said...

Don't worry bro... u will finish it. I will have my support car to give morale support with pom-pom girls cheering all participants. Hope it work.

See ya in IM

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Sir

Simon said...

Sofian, you are a legend in Malaysia's triathlon and Ironman history. Let's not be hearing anymore of this negative talk. You can do this race, you WILL finish it and with a smile on your face too. Just keep telling yourself, "It's all PROCESS" just one foot after the other and eventually the finish line will appear - just keep moving.

sofiantriathlete said...

thank you Simon.
I read with interest in your blog how others react when u tell them what u do.
Its all a matter of whether you want to do it.
have a good race friend

John said...

You've done it before so you can do it again and again!

Negative thoughts will only drain out your energy, so why invite them?

Just relax and you'll enjoy your race.

Ali said...

You have done it before and you will do it again...enjoy the race and keep enduring the will finish it.