Sunday, December 23, 2007

Period Ended 23 Dec 2007

I havn't been updating as I had the flu from around 9 Dec till recently. Actually I'm still sniffing away.

23 Dec 2007 (Sunday)

Rest day. Didn't join Joo Ngan etc. Its just light workouts today.

22 Dec (Saturday)

A good day. First proper workout since getting the flu.
Did the Broga "reverse" loop with Shahzly and Dicky from Pekan Batu 18. About 138km with 5 hrs 52 min on the meter. Ngae did exactly the same loop a few days ago from Batu 14 and it also took him 5 hr 52 min (155 km for him).
We stopped at Petronas Kuala Kelawang, Broga fruit stall and the Tekali rest area.

21 Dec (Friday)

Was on leave. Running with Ngae at Lake Gardens. Did the double hill the I walked one lap around the Lake Gardens lake. The famous Panggung Annivesary is now gone. I consider it to be a good workout. Still can't run right, the thighs really ache.

20 Dec 2007

Supposed to follow Ngae to Broga but I chickened out halfway up Peres. Flu.

19 Dec - nothing

Not much from 9 Dec too.

Langkawi is very much a touch and go thing now. I trained much more last year and only made it by nine minutes. ALL is not lost, there is till time.


Simon said...

Do not worry my friend, there is always still time and in this case you have 9 weeks - NO PROBLEM.

John said...

Stay positive and who knows, you may get a better result! Chin up!

sofiantriathlete said...

I am surprised, two quick responses.Thank you my friends.

SIMON: Thank you. U did great at Busselton. Congrats

JOHN: I heard U R cycling seriously now. "Chin up" is what Jose Mourinho told his team just before he got sacked..Thank you, maybe c u at the GE 30km run.