Monday, June 18, 2007


Well its been a while since I updated, computer problem.

Three weeks ago

I was still not well. The return from Bentong to Genting Sempah took a full 45 mins longer than usual. What an experience.

Two weeks ago

Another funny day. Started with Ngae then met Steve and Pilot (aiyo forget name oso. Zabil I think) at Goh Tong. Together we went to KKB.

The ride up to Goh Tong, I simply couldn't make it. Smallest gear and not moving. Just at the nice bridge I stopped at the new stalls. The others of course were in front. Still felt lousy after the drink. Started walking with the bike. Couldn't go down as the car was the other side of the hill at Orang Asli.

Heard a slow lorry like sound coming. It was the tow truck that is always waiting at the corner like a vulture. I asked for a lift to the cabel car (RM10). Said Hi to my fellow cyclists to show I was OK. Then took a taxi sapu back to the car at Orang Asli (RM60).

Two absolute lousy weekends.


After such lousy rides I took the bike to Edwin's lamenting "the gear too big, cannot climb hill".
He fixed "Compact front chain ring and bottom bracket, 50 teeth plus 34 teeth. Wow I have never heard of such combination. Edwin said for Race must change back the chain ring. Folks no need. I don't pedal on the downhills anyway. This combination is just fine.
He also fixed new pedals and cleats. Total RM936.


My actual "group" was Suhaimi and Razak.

From Batu 14 we went up Genting Peras, down to the bridge and turned back. NO SUN AT ALL.

Total was 84 km. I really enjoyed that ride. Edwin made like I had a new bicycle. He is good even though many customers at that time.


This thursday, leaving for Bali Triathlon folks. I am so looking forward to it. Got group ride, swim and jog before the event.


purpleyez said...

MSI, good luck, all the best & have fun in your Bali Triathlon!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks very much for ur good wishes Anis.
Sure looking forward to Bali