Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Trying to plan for this weekend

Mr Bacin

Sir, I don't think I can do long ride this Saturday. I am sorry. My fitness is down.


My last workout was the swim last week on Tuesday night (next to Bacin, Azmar and sweet coach). Probably I will still rest today (Wednesday). So thats seven or eight days of zero training (personal best).
Take a rest, nature is telling us to take it easy.

The trigger was the heavy workouts plus lack of sleep (football, people's birthday etc.).


Brian, ex cycling buddy is in town with two or three friends from Bangkok. I think easy ride with them.


petitemeehoon said...

get well soon! take care yea, muahhh!

Ngae said...

Your easy ride this Saturday in Gombak? I have 2 new cyclist coming. I want to go up if Helmi and Suhaimi are coming. You take care.

purpleyez said...

MSI, Hope u'll get better & stronger for the Bali Tri in 2 weeks' time.

bola2api said...

get well soon sir

met your senior in RMC, fadhil during our charity ride.. we managed 404km in 3 days, alhamdulillah

sofiantriathlete said...

Sorry people been quiet. Internet connection not working well.

Also had two poor workouts. Recent Saturday took a lift from the tow truck along the Batang Kali Hill, then taxi home.