Monday, May 14, 2007

Genting Ride on Saturday, 12 May 07 with EVERTON FC

The start Group at Orang Asli (Ngae, Suhaimi, Helmi, Me, Razak and Robert Elstone). Edwin taking the pic.

The Group at Genting Sempah
Starbucks, Genting

Running on the return (Suhami had a broken chain)

We were honoured to have in our Group, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of EVERTON FC, Mr Robert Elstone. He holds a 2 HR 30 min Marathon and 31 min 10 km (done a few years ago). Robert was in Thailand (Chang Beer) and Malaysia on business for Everton. The smart one in our Group said "Best regards to Gary Neville", until Robert had to politely say its "Phil Neville".

Robert is a great chap, friendly, funny, humble, generous and beat me to Genting by one hour. He was using a borrowed bike from Edwin.

We started at 7.45 am. A short regroup at Genting Sempah, then to 7-11 Goh Tong Jaya. Robert went straight up fast. The Msians all stop at 7-11. Robert arrived at 10.10 am, Helmi 10.40 am, Ngae, Suhaimi, Me around 11.05 am then Edwin (really out of shape but still had the courage to do Genting).

The ride took me 3 hrs 7 mins vs 3hrs 3 min one month ago. Shocked I was slower. It was 3.5 km / hr at one or two sections.

Coming down, Suhaimi's Chain broke going up the hill after Goh Tong. Most of us ran with him up the hill. Then luckily, its downhill all the way to the car.

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