Monday, May 07, 2007

The Champ's view at Bukit Merah

I didn't go but I always wondered what goes on in the mind of a top racer during the race.

Well this is what Razani told me (telephone report);

The swim was exceedingly long for some reason. At least two km.
Anyway, Razani had a good swim. Even coming out with Ah Wei, who I had personally seen at Bukit Jalil to be a top notch swimmer. During the swim Razani kept pace with the likes of Ah Wei, Barry Boy, Stephanie Chok etc. Apparently during the transition he out ran all of them.

Razani's swim background is the river. He doesn't swim like a natural swimmer. Its just that he is fit. His stroke is short not pushing to the end.

On the bike Razani was with Barry (Razani doing most of the work). Even relay cyclist couldn't keep up. Slowly others (Kohing Antak, Omar etc) joined the group. Before the turnaround he saw Eugene who only had one other person for company. Shortly after the turnaround, Razani saw Ah Thiam powering his way who signalled the group to wait for him. So they waited for the train to come and were soon able to catch Eugene.

Razani and Eugene started the run together. Ah Thiam couldn't run due to pushing big gears. Razani picked up speed but Eugene was there, but breathing very heavily. Razani picked up speed again. This time no sound of heavy breathing behind him. Eugene dropped so Razani went at comfortable pace home.

Second to Benjamin Sansom by a million minutes but first Malaysian.


bola2api said...

is Benjamin Sansom the guy who won the Kapas-Marang swim, ahead of Daniel Bego?

sofiantriathlete said...


Benjamin Sansom has been a pro triathlete since the 1990s. He has a brother , also a strong swimmer. I think from France (National 1,500m record holder).

He competes all over the world and usually comes out the water first, but eventually gets caught on the run.

For some reason he is close to the Spore Triathletes and stays there sometimes.

I remember one "ABC" (Half Ironman) race in Spore he was so far ahead after the swim and then almost lapped everyone on the bike but DNF. Razani won that race.

Thanks for reading

Ngae said...

Can't wait for the nxt tri. But my immediate target is sub 4 in Penang. Dunno can or not. So must run again this Sunday. Probably with Simon Cross. Must give him change to take revenge. So won't keep you company to Fraser.

bacin said...

my swim time still not IM standard. navigation hancurrr.. but for the 1st time freestyle all the way

sofiantriathlete said...


I have taken leave this Saturday and will cycle with u to Genting. Hopefully Sunday will cycle to Bentong with Helmi


My heart goes to you.
Because you start swimming late, your shoulders are stiff. Read Total Immersion. The longer body + outstrecthed arms swims faster.

Swim often to make the body lembut. Try to keep one arm in front always. Roll body to swim faster (notice the body position of fishes when they swim, on the side).
Balance the body.