Monday, May 14, 2007

10 km run after the Genting ride

Its great to have a training buddy like Ngae.

Somehow Super Fit Ngae convinced me to do a run. Since I am slow, Ngae put on a huge back pack and a front pouch thing with free weights inside (11kg).

Going uphill, I reached the 5km turnaround in 37 mins. Ngae with the back pack was only slightly behind. Coming back we ran together. He was motivating me all the way. The last 1 km, he sprinted (with the bag pack). Coming back time was also 37 mins.

I used to think I was "crazy", but NGAE's motivation is something else. Do you know anyone who runs with a 11 kg back pack? His motivation is to maintain his fitness and to do a sub four Marathon at Penang. On Sunday he did a long run too I think, whilst I errrr slept.
He is a very nice chap too.

Start 7.30 am- 7.45 am from the Hospital Orang Asli Car Park.


bola2api said...

i agree. Ngae is such a gentleman.. and strong one too..

so sweet of him to accompany u running.

sofiantriathlete said...

He is a nice fellow

jaja said...

saw ngae at bkt aman on last sunday. super energetic!

i wish can train with him too :D

sofiantriathlete said...

Only train?

U oso not bad ah. Long ride on Saturday then Bukit Aman on Sunday

Ngae said...

Hi you nice people: Great to know you all, you make me shy lah. I ran on Sunday with Simon Cross, Sam Pritchard, Emma and Julie. All strong runners. The 28km with them felt like 42.2km!! Oh yes, to all of us going up Genting, sabar bila turun ya..It is like no other descend I have ever encountered. Must respect the mountain!!

jaja said...

i takut downhill, scary especially to much sharp corner. i think it will be a wise decision, just to push the bike