Friday, April 27, 2007

A Good Thursday

Thank you to Azwar, the swimbikerun forum for inviting everyone and placing a google map of the training location. I have never been to Putrajaya. What an impressive place.

I think I have never trained with so many triathletes. Evryone was happy and laughing. All the girls crowd around Ngae you know.

It was a 93 km bike for me as I got lost. Then a 7km run. Ngae was the perfect trainning buddy, keeping me company even though i was "not moving" on the run as usual.


Zailan said...


an honour indeed to cycle with u and mr ngae. i was the one in yellow and waaaay back with the ladies. in case u still can't spot me, just look for a tall guy with a bulging tummy..LOL

Hairul said...

its not everyday we get to train with a 3-time Kona Ironman hihihihi

jaja said...

ngae like coconut u know. the older, the better :p hihi

glad to see u!

Ally-acin said...

kehadapan en. sofian,

sebenarnya bacin ini amat segan ber-training dgn org2 seperti en. sofian.. 3 kali Kona IM tuuu. tidak ketinggalan juga kepada mr. ngae si ultraman tu. nak borak pun segan hihihi..

wa caya sama lu..

sofiantriathlete said...

Mr Zailan
Yes I noticed the smart guy with the girls

Forever laughing, just like his web-site

Ms Jaja
I have passed ur compliment to Ngae

Good to see you and everybody. Will probably see you all this Sunday. I oso very shy one

Ngae said...

Jaja: Org tua takes it as a real compliment.

Hi all: Training pagi ini semua ok? I went for 20k run instead. Hope to see you guys soon.

jaja said...

ngae: should learn some skills from you laaa, pelisss. nanti i belanja minum air kelapa muda, hihi. should join us more for the training, you're the inspiration ^_^

sofian: sori, tumpang blog jap :p

bola2api said...

it's also an honour for me to be training with inspirational ppl like Mr Sofian n Mr Ngae. I was awestruck actually n only managed to chat with Mr Ngae.

Segan pulak nak chat dgn Mr Sofian. Maybe next training session.

BTW I'm Aini, the one with the headscarf.

sofiantriathlete said...

Ms Aini

I notice everyone is braver on the computer vs. face to face.
Yes I know who u are.

I like ur A Famosa race report very much "I am not responsible for any indecent pictures, they were taken by my sister".

Make sure u take care of the Discovery Team jersey.
Take care all the best