Monday, April 23, 2007

A Good Weekend


Started at Hosp Orang Asli with Helmi. Went to Bentong Shell station, refueled and came back.
Total time 4 hrs 15 min, climb back 1 hr 32 mins, all good times for me. The distance on the new meter was 100km.

All the working in air con made me really struggle in the heat. Stomach also felt funny after the refuel of chiku and raisins.


The group went from Orang Asli to Goh Tong Jaya.
There was Ngae, Helmi, Robin (Canadian), Elisa (Norwegian Lady-my spelling must be wrong), Sanjeev and Andrew Wong. How's that for a multi racial group.

Unfortunately, Andrew fell cominmg down from Genting Sempah. The road was very clear so every one went fast. Until some sand and pebbles decided to come out of a corner. Dislocated shoulder, now at SJMC.

After the bike (three hours on the meter), me and Ngae went for a 10 KM run.
Took me 1 hr 9 mins. Very slow I know, but for me , I loved it.
Hopefully I can get it down to say 1 hr for the Bali Triathlon.

This Thursday, me and Ngae are seriously evaluating joining the triathleyes doing their brick at Putra Jaya


Stupe said...

tuan, i'm registering for IM next year. Just Spoke to Lin.

sofiantriathlete said...


Yes. I have not registered yet. I think got to go to their office to take advantage of the RM500 entry.