Monday, February 12, 2007


What was suposed to be my last long ride, turned out to be some sort of a debacle.

It was the TAXI for me from the huge Bentong Bus Station (RM60). Friendly taxi driver who gave me the low down on all the isolated bungalow farms. It was hot and my knee was giving pain, not a good sign less than two weeks from the race.

I say thank you to NGAE, for not getting angry with me whilst he kept on cycling back alone. He was even so sweet passing his raisins to me at Frasers, as I was struggling. The climb up took me 1 hrs 32 mins vs 1 hr 16 min recently. Thank you Ngae.

The final stats were 155km and 6 hrs 55 min on the meter.


Anonymous said...

Too bad your knee acting up now. My left shoulder was killing Sunday too. I rode OA-Fraser Sat & Sun, saw you two descening Sunday. Alas bailed out due to punctions on the descent to OA at 9pm. Goodluck in Langkawi. It promises to be quiet a hilly bike. S

sofiantriathlete said...

You must be the two white folks (one very fit looking - you and one a bit overweight - sorry) we saw whilst descending. Someone shouted "IRONMAN".
Wow doing OA-Fraser on consecutive days is something. So is cycling doing to OA at night. Who are u? See u at Langkawi.

sofiantriathlete said...

typing error, should be "down to OA"

Me said...

U having knee pain?? Oh no... Ironman Langkawi is just round the corner.. 2 weeks isn't? I would suggest, REST is the BEST for the time being so that U're at your best on the race day..

sofiantriathlete said...

Knee today seems ok already. Maybe just hot and lazy was why I took the taxi.
Now its relaxing time.

jaja said...