Thursday, February 08, 2007


2km at Bukit Jalil

2km at Bukit Jalil

Wednesday - Party time
This is when a number of Triathletes were on show. My analysis of their swim:
Ah Wei (I think is his name), super body balance. Body is high and stream lined. Classic high elbow action - a true swimmer.

Shahrom. His technique has improved a lot since I knew him a few years ago. Now he is faster than me. But he can still improve by:
1. His arm extension is excellent, but just as he about to pull, his arm drops, thus gets a shorter pull.
2. His legs drop, thus more drag
3. He doesn't rotate enough. Note the body position of fishes. Its perpendicular to the surface.

Wai Mun. My long lost friend. His swim is terrible. He finds it so tiring, because:
1. Body not streamlined / balanced at all. Due to wrong hand entry, the whole body whip lashes. All kinds of drag, thus very tiring to swim.
2. Straight elbows, a classic begginers mistake. No force in the pull.

I respectfully think that their "Malaysia" coach should go in the water, put on his goggles and see how his charges swim.

Me. No longer can swim like before. Broken arm means difficult to extend arm and do a strong pull.
Training was:
1.5km --- 27 mins 38 secs
15 times 100m on 2 mins. Each 100 m was between 1 min 40 secs to 45 secs. Last two were 1 min 53 secs.

Need to do lots more swimming and improve the body balance, pull. Need to get the TYR paddles.


Me said...

i know u r more than ready for d ironman... hope everything goes out well as planned.. is this one gonna be your 3rd in langkawi?

sofiantriathlete said...

Thanks Anis.
I think my No. 4 at Langakawi

Me said...

no 4?? wowwww... superb!!