Monday, February 05, 2007

3 Feb, same brick with Ngae

The Group
There was also Simon, Patrick and Sam who started from their homes.
Me and Ngae started at Orang Asli.
I was last going up, they waited at GS. They started to leave me again going down so I took the short cut thru Kg Bukit Tinggi. Again they overtook me when the road joined back. Simon in aero position downhill. I was last at Shell Bentong, they waited for me.
Me and Ngae headed straight back, whilst the others had a food stop.

Going back I found to be such a pain. I felt bad and had doubts whether I could make it back. 59 mins to the bridge versus 55 mins two days ago. Took gel, changed my pedalling to high knees, simply flew up the hilly portion. Time to roundabout was 1 hr 35 min including two quick stops. Ngae kindly waited at the top.

The run.
Two days ago, I did the 10 km in 1 hr 7 mins. This time it was 1 hr 1 min. Man am I pleased.


I think one more 203 km ride coming Sunday.
A brick during the CNY weekend.
Swimming in between. Thats it.

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