Monday, January 29, 2007

7th 203 km

It was with Ngae, looks like he will be my training buddy in the run in to Langkawi. We plan to go again this 1 Feb.

We started a bit late (8 a.m.), due to the talking at the car park and eventually returned at 6.15 pm, the latest for this ride. It was raining, so super slow down to Bentong and down from the rest house.

At the start there was Ironmen Iwata, Japanese Sam, Yap, Ong, one more fellow - all only went to Bentong. Super slow me was last to Bentong. Ngae and me proceded to Kg Sang Lee, TRAS then the climb to the Rest house - Gap.
I left Ngae at TRAS to fill up his water bottle, thinking he would easily catch me. But I went like crazy up and did the climb in 1 hr 16 min (match PB) and Ngae only came a full 10 mins later.

The lunch break was a whopping 58 mins. We went super cautious down hill, then at Tranum Ngae turned on the power. Unlike two weeks before, I was able to keep Ngae in sight the whole way quite comfortably, I felt I might be able to beat him on the climb back from Bentong.

Sure enough after the water stop at Shell, I turned on the big gear and the gap just kept on widening. My time to McD roundabout was 1 hr 30 min 30 secs (a non drafting PB ever). Waited for Ngae at the top, he was 4 mins 56 secs behind. Wow. Ngae sid he exhausted himself racing with Iwata down to Bentong.

The time on the meter was 8 hrs 59 min (second sub nine). Total stoppage time was unfortunately 1 hr 14 min.

I wonder when I am going to do any run training.

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